The Power of Words: Eleanor Roosevelt Reflects Across the Decades

April 6, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Registration #283020.00

From words of her father that gave her strength, to famous words by her husband that helped the nation through the Great Depression; from her own words spoken to audiences or given over the radio, to observations and opinions written into her six-days-a-week My Day column, Eleanor Roosevelt shows how words well chosen can bring attention to a topic, awaken understanding, and bring the listener to a new point of view. Specific subject matter addresses such diverse topics as: unemployment, race relations, honoring servicemen, economic ties with Mexico, wealth & power, and international relations. Mrs. Roosevelt includes a segment on how words misused can be harmful as well: hurtful to an individual, harmful to a group, or endangering to a whole nation. The program, set in 1950, culminates with a brief look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The above one-hour programs consist of a 40-45 minute monologue in-character, followed first by a question and answer period with “Eleanor Roosevelt” and then by a question and answer period with the scholar/presenter, Susan Marie Frontczak.

Cost: FREE, and please register in advance

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