The Friends History

The Friends of the Senior Center History

The Friends of the Longmont Senior Center, Inc. (The Friends), was incorporated in 1981 as a Colorado nonprofit corporation and registered as a 501(c)(3) Federal tax exempt organization with the IRS in 1983.  The mission is to enhance community awareness of and support for the Longmont Senior Center.  By generating support throughout the community, “The Friends” ensures that quality programs and services are available to Longmont’s older adults and their families.

A major Friends activity was to promote and spearhead the $350,000 Health and Nutrition expansion of the Longmont Senior Center from 1986-88. This allowed Meals on Wheels and various health service organizations to utilize the Longmont Senior Center as their base of operations. The 4,000 square foot building expansion and installation of furnishings were completed in late 1988. The Friends obtained funding for this expansion through donations by individuals, businesses, foundations and governmental organizations.

The Friends on-going funding for the following activities represents over 90% of the Friend’s total expenses each year:

  • Facility enhancements – equipment,  furnishings audio visual amenities and construction
  • Programs – Support for new and existing activities including cultural, educational and entertainment programs as well as Latino outreach and volunteer support.
  • Services – Support of various informational and educational programs, end of life, Latino outreach and the last resort financial assistance program.
  • Support Programs – Support for the counseling service and caregiver education and support.
  • Awareness – Promotion of the senior center as a focal point for adults 55+ and their caregivers.