March Minutes

Minutes for Regular Board Meeting for the FRIENDS OF LONGMONT SENIOR CENTER, Inc
March 26, 2013

Members Present:   Joe Busacca, Michael Bellmont, Wilma Cocannouer, Ed Evans, Nancy Beaudrot, Bob Schineller, Chris Caron, Jim Nason, Ron Cheyney, Randy Ahlberg

 Members Absent: Polly Buster (excused)


Fay Reynolds for Senior Advisory Board


  1.         I.            Call to order 3:00 PM – by Wilma


  1.      II.            Approval of February 26th minutes
    1. Motion to approve (Chris) and seconded (Nancy) …. motion carried
    2. Corrections – none


  1.    III.            Financial Report (Polly and Chris)
    1. Monthly report – no totals available this month
    2. Glenn has graciously agreed to do our taxes again this year
    3. Net income to date is negative $2,651
    4. Motion to accept Financial report (Chris)…seconded (Randy)…motion carried
    5. Last Resort Requests -.
      1.                                                                i.      $250 for a 68 yr. old needing dental work (total need is $1028)
      2.                                                              ii.      $191 for a 60 yr. old having no vision exam in over 7 years.  Needs eyeglasses in order to find needed employment.
      3.                                                             iii.      $264 for a 72 yr. old – lives with mom – needs vision testing
      4.                                                            iv.      $250 for a 73 yr. old in need of significant dental work.  Having pain and hard time eating.
      5.                                                              v.      Michele requested we approve fronting $300 for a senior need that will be reimbursed by the Area Agency on Aging.  Motion (Nancy) and second (Jim) to approve… motion carried.
      6. motion to accept i-v above (Chris) and seconded (Jim) …motion carried


  1.   IV.            Old Business
    1. Recognition Update (Chris) –
      1.                                                                i.      Giving Tree categories
        1. Chris presented recommended recognition levels as well as a schedule of all previous donors that have given $500 or greater.
          1. Motion to accept recommended levels as to amounts and descriptions (Chris) …second (Nancy)….motion carried
          2. Motion to accept listed donors in newly designated categories (Chris)…second (Randy)….motion carried
          3. Michele asked to withhold Mike and Gretchen Beal from the decision since they are only $750 shy of the Leadership level until she can speak with their children…..board agreed.
          4. Chris described the proposed special lighting for the giving tree area.  Motion to proceed (Chris), second ()….motion carried
          5.                                                              ii.      ATT follow up (Wilma, Jim)
            1. Per Jim, we have not had a response from them.
      2. Website update (Bob, Jim, Joe, Chris, Ron, Polly, Michele)
        1.                                                                i.      Per Bob, Joe has been working on a bid with a gentleman, Peter Wayne, in Boulder.  Bob is creating a spec sheet of our requirements to go out for other bids.  Bob encouraged all to examine the current site and provide input as to improvements and ideas moving forward.
        2.                                                              ii.      Chris suggested we spend 15 -20 minutes at the next meeting to discuss the website and its future
        3.                                                             iii.      Michele suggested we consider the website designer the city has vetted and gave the name to Jim


  1.      V.            New Business
    1. New Board member status (Randy) – Though Randy has been reaching out to a few possible candidates, nothing to report to date.
    2. Taxes – no discussion
    3. Business giving – we will incorporate the option of a single gift vs. making installments
    4. Marketing discussion (Michele) – no discussion


  1.   VI.            Committee Reports
    1. Cultural Enrichment Programs (Wilma/Nancy) – Most recent presentation on astronomer, Carolyn Herschel, approximately 50 attendees.  Collected $119 in donations!
      1.                                                                i.      Upcoming programs
        1. Friday, April 19th, on Weapons of the West.
        2. Sunday, May 12th is the next program on William Henry Jackson, photographer.
      2. Chamber (all) – Michele reminded that May 10th Meals on Wheels is hosting Business Before Hours at 7:30AM – all are encouraged to be present and greet attendees.
      3. Donor  recognition  (Ed) – Latest issue of GO ad accomplishments for 2012 have been added to the book.


  1. Other Business
    1. Manager’s report (Michele) –
      1.                                                                i.      Letter from St. Vrain Rotary for Duck Race inviting us to sell tickets.  We keep $4 of the $5 cost per ticket.  And we can sell corporate ducks for $100 keeping $60.  Motion (Ron) to accept the offer making it optional for each board member to participate….second (Nancy)…..motion carried.
      2.                                                              ii.      LCF has an anonymous donor expressing a wish to donate – Michele offered a list of some specific projects that could be funded by such a donation.
      3.                                                             iii.      Michele will not be here for the May meeting.
      4.                                                            iv.      Facility update – walk in refrigerator failed losing about $1500 of food.
      5.                                                              v.      Fire station – no update.
      6.                                                            vi.      Lobby work
        1. Michele presented a quote for the remodel in the lobby amounting to $6,367 when we had budgeted $10,000.
        2. Motion to accept the bid as presented (Nancy)…seconded (Jim)…motion carried.
        3. Ron suggested we request a discount for our non-profit status….Michele will do so.
      7. Advisory Board (Fay) –
        1.                                                                i.      New Rules of Behavior for the SeniorCenter is being reviewed and revised by the Board.  She suggested that a copy be given to each Friends member once it is completed.


  1. Other items of interest –  none presented.


  1.    IX.            Future Items
    1. Benefits and levels of membership
    2. Marketing


  1.      X.            Adjournment at 4:20  PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary, Michael Bellmont

Next meeting is scheduled for April 23rd  from 3:00 – 4:30

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